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Gas piping installations diagnostics, repair and expert replacement

Your Safety Is on the Line



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With gas lines powering critical systems and appliances in your building, you’ll want a certified and licensed professional to handle all installations. Whether you’re in need of new gas lines, or your existing lines need replacing, call Platinum Energy Group to take care of your gas piping requirements.

For half a century, PEG has insisted upon the highest standards of excellence from its tools, teams and technologies, providing quality, trustworthy gas pipe plumbing with the utmost care, precision and integrity. Our highly qualified professionals deliver superior work, equipment and materials that are guaranteed to ensure long-term safety and performance, bringing proven expertise and code-compliant craftsmanship to all gas line installation, maintenance and repair

With consistent on-time arrival, and with our certified, licensed and insured technicians delivering proper, effective and durable work, with no hidden fees, PEG is equipped and experienced to handle any size or scale project — simple or complex. And we approach gas pipe replacement with the same dedication and commitment to excellence as we do all our in-house trades.