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Gas Piping Installations/Repairs

With your gas line powering most of the important appliances in your home, you want a certified and licensed professional handling the installation for you. So, whether you’re in need of gas lines or your gas line needs replacing, call Platinum Energy Group (PEG) to take care of your replacement/installation.

For more than four decades, Platinum Energy Group (PEG) has stood with the highest standards and has been providing trustworthy plumbing services with great integrity. We offer high-quality repairs guaranteed to last while applying great workmanship to all our services including gas line installation. We can handle any size project whether large or small scale; we approach gas piping replacement with the same dedication and excellence as all of our projects.


Gas Piping installation is one of the most complicated and vital home repair jobs one will ever face. That’s why here at PEG we only hire the most qualified professionals. To ensure that the job is done correctly the first time. With proper parts and placement of your appliances, and installation that we ensure will last a long time.


  • On-Time Arrival
  • Certified, Licensed, And Insured Technicians
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Proper, Effective And Durable Repairs

You never have to worry with PEG gas Piping installation. We conduct every job with the highest expectations and professionals that exceed industry standards. We always meet code requirements and provide excellent performance for decades. Our goal is to keep your home warm, dry and comfortable. We are your go-to for Gas Piping Installation.


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