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Boiler/Hot Water Heater Installations

The latest tech for energy-efficient operation



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It’s all about comfort, quality and commitment at Platinum Energy Group, which is why we begin every boiler or hot water heater installation with dependable, high-quality equipment. Reliability and performance are job-one at PEG, which means we only work with the latest, energy-efficient boiler and hot water heaters and equipment, scaled and optimized to your needs. We ensure installation to perfection the first time around — and we have the track record to prove it.

Beyond phenomenal technology, you’ll find only the most helpful and conscientious certified technicians on the job, professionals who put your needs before their own. From the start of your installation to its swift and sure completion, they are always willing to answer any questions and address any concerns. Their objective is our pledge: to install your boiler or hot water heater quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively — so that you, and those who count on you, can get on with the business of living. Comfortably.