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Plumbing & Emergency Repair

An expert team of ASME-Certified Plumbers & Fitters in-house



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In the early days, plumbing was considered a subcontracted service by boiler room designers and installers. And PEG, like most providers, followed suit. But our standards were exacting, and demand kept growing, and it wasn’t long before we realized the quality and efficiency of bringing plumbing and emergency repair in-house.

What began as a modest four-man company acquisition years back has today grown into an extensive team of 40-plus highly skilled plumbing professionals and certified gas line welders — committed, knowledgeable, topline specialists who represent the latest expertise in their field. Natural gas and oil lines, water lines and drain lines, simple and sophisticated valves and flow systems, utility lines and more — all plumbing specialties, from design to field deployment, are performed by PEG’s in-house team.