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What differentiates Platinum Energy Group from all other energy solutions providers is our total turnkey approach to service. Our business model is unique and highly sought after in this way. PEG possesses the skillsets, resources and capabilities to not only manage any job, large or small, from a 360° perspective, but also perform the work itself, all while avoiding the typically frustrating trade conflicts that plague most larger projects. How? By utilizing teams of master craftsmen who all reside under one roof; ours. For customers whose usual experiences are defined by having to manage multiple and distinct contractors and suppliers and attempting to hold each accountable throughout the lifecycle of any project — the benefits of dealing with a single, full-service, all-inclusive source like PEG are huge.

What’s the measurable and tangible difference? No scapegoating. No unexpected downtime. No unforeseen duplication of effort. No holdups, change orders or back charges. Since we supply, manufacture and deliver the work of all MEP trades in-house — and by keeping the customer apprised step-by-step through transparent, real-time, cloud-based coordination and collaboration software — we have the ability to optimally plan and seamlessly orchestrate all logistics start-to-finish, ensuring efficient, economical and speedy production from design to delivery to deployment. This is the platinum advantage. Peace of mind. With PEG.