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There are many reasons for power failures — whether from storms or other weather-related events or even from a damaged utility pole far outside your neighborhood. Don’t be caught unprepared. Plan ahead by investing in a backup generator.

The electrical and power generation professionals at Platinum Energy Group are licensed, insured and certified to do the job right the first time — and to work in ways that always exceed expectation and deliver results. Whether you and your team require a quick, temporary power source for an unexpected emergency, or a dependable solution for a long-term need, trust PEG technicians to accurately size, engineer and deliver on time — when and where you need it.

Whether it’s generator installation services for a multifamily residence, commercial building or institution, PEG will assist you and provide what you need with excellence and reliability. There are many options available — automatic, standby units, larger generators and smaller power sources. Let PEG help you make the right decision; then count on us to deliver.