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In everything we do at PEG, we believe in complete and utter transparency. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain when we include our customers step-by-step in our process. Our work is literally an open book, and we give our customers collaborative access to it all. Not only does this approach keep all stakeholders in the know, but open transparency accelerates productivity, ensures dependability and keeps us all working quickly and efficiently towards the same goal.

Where contractors look to hide behind the language of requisitions and invoices, PEG provides full and daily documentation to our customers — either digitally, in hard copy, or both. For fixed installations, we operate under real-time, closed-circuit video monitoring on our worksites, enabling customers to see and evaluate project progress for themselves around the clock. Cloud-based project management scheduling and collaboration software, complete with real-time job ticketing for efficient change orders, gives customers anytime/anywhere interactive access to daily schedules and reports.

And, because PEG holds all trades in-house, our customers enjoy one-stop, single-source accountability during every phase. There’s none of the usual finger-pointing that goes on between disconnected, self-interested parties. At PEG, our customers see it all, know it all and are the key component of it all, and, for them, there’s nothing more empowering. Why do we go to such lengths? Because of all the things we build for our customers, trust is the most essential.