Stuart Schwartz

Chief Execuitive Officer

Mr. Schwartz’s story is one of adaptability, of seeing and seizing opportunity.
From humble beginnings, he attended college at Institute of Design and Construction, but he quickly switched to Engineering. A mentor professor introduced him to mechanical design and boiler management over the weekends, and a spark was lit that has continued to burn for 50 years and counting. Entrepreneurial in spirit even as a young man, many ventures and adventures later — several of which took him around the world, consulting with governments and heads of state on energy efficiency sciences — Mr. Schwartz saw a future working alongside his two sons and the team they had been building all along. Today, Platinum Energy Group is not only a vertically integrated company, with all core and ancillary trades and disciplines residing strategically in-house, but through merger and acquisition, is comprised of many of the companies where Mr. Schwartz worked and honed his considerable expertise.