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The highly- respected companies who are members of Platinum Energy Group (PEG) supply everything from boiler equipment to cost-efficient lighting… from energy management to natural gas and electricity. But we have built a reputation that goes beyond our ability to provide quality products and services. We are proud to be known for providing solutions. Whether you are responsible for commercial, industrial or institutional property, each of our carefully selected companies has the expertise and the experience to assess your situation and recommend cost-efficient and effective approaches that will satisfy your needs as well as your budget. We can even arrange for creative financing.

PEG is #1 MEP Contractor Because of our People.

Platinum Energy Group is family-owned and operated by two generations of energy experts. Our experience helps us pinpoint other professionals who have honed their skills and talents in one specific area. As part of PEG, these experts apply their focus to your project while understanding how their specialty fits into the overall framework.


Over the years, we have added companies to our roster that complement our mission of becoming your complete energy source. Each of the companies meets our criteria for relevant, well-priced, high quality service and products.


Every project begins with a survey and analysis of your property and your requirements. We interview clients to understand their expectations. Your people are part of the solution. Once we fully understand the specifics of your situation, we set about making recommendations. Whatever our solutions are, we specify brands and price points that fit your financial parameters. At PEG, satisfaction is more than a promise… it is a tradition.




At PEG, we are concerned with the smallest details as well as the “big picture”. After carefully assessing your specific requirements, we may suggest the servicing of existing equipment, the retrofitting of new arts or the installation of more-up-to-date equipment that provides efficiencies you are not currently enjoying. We also will lay out a plan for you for continued proactive preventative maintenance.

PEG has experts in all facets of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems as well as the most advanced, sophisticated retrofits. Our experience covers all types of buildings, factories, commercial buildings and health-related facilities.

One of the strengths of working with PEG is the fact that, with all the varied companies under our roof, we can coordinate and orchestrate the services you need without delay and without the issues of coordinating various responsibilities with different contractors. This means you can do your job and we can manage ours.


While many companies try to get by with people who know a little about a lot, we rely on specialists who not only understand their area of expertise, but also understand and appreciate how their specialties fit into the overall framework of a project.

In those fields that offer licensing, PEG provides you with licensed personnel such as electricians and plumbers. We also have certified specialists in areas such as: mechanical engineering: welding: and boiler installation. We possess ASME and National Board Welding Certificates H, R, AND S. PEG’s abilities have also resulted in the company being recognized by many state energy regulatory commissions.

“For more than four decades, PEG has stood for the highest standards of integrity, service and workmanship.
The Schwartz Family, Founders -Won’t stand for anything less!”

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