Thermographic Studies

The easiest way to conserve energy is through preventative maintenance, but a building can lose energy any number of ways: attic doors; non-programmable thermostats; duct work leaks; lack of outlet gaskets; and insufficient window and door seals. In order to effectively remedy the problem, the source of unnecessary energy loss must first be identified. This can be achieved through infrared thermography.

Platinum Energy Group excels in performing comprehensive thermographic studies, helping our clients both diagnose and prevent unnecessary energy loss. Through infrared thermography, also known as thermal imaging, our technicians can determine energy loss, HVAC issues, plumbing leaks, roof leaks and electrical problems. This remote-sensing technique can be performed by a single operator using an un-cooled thermal imaging camera and allows for the qualitative detection of air leakage pathways and insulation discontinuities.

Platinum Energy Group's wide ranging experience and knowledge of building technology, design issues and potential building flaws allows us to provide a high level of service both conducting the survey and interpreting its results. These results help clients to better evaluate their potential for energy savings.

With Platinum Energy Group's thermography studies, it's easy being Green.