Natural Gas Sales

FAQ - Platinum Plus

Will I still get just one bill?
Yes! Your utility bill will include Platinum Plus to include the cost of their delivery service on our bill and you will continue to remit payment to your current utility provider.

Will the quality of gas/service I receive be different?
No. The natural gas we purchase for our customers come from the same sources as the gas utilities use. We use the same storage fields and transport it in the same interstate pipelines that utilities use. Our gas quality standards are the same as the utilities. Your utility will still read your meters, maintain your gas pipes, and respond to emergencies - that's what you pay them for.

Why can't Platinum Plus handle both my supply and delivery?
Gas utilities are regulated by the state. The utilities handle local delivery and the state regulators assure that their pricing is fair and equitable. Platinum Plus can't manage the utilities pipes, but we can purchase natural gas for our customers and arrange for the utility to deliver it to your meter with complete reliability.

Can Platinum Plus shut off my gas?
No, the control of gas service at your home or place of business remains with your utility. Regulators have assured that your gas supply will be continual even if your relationship with Platinum Plus were to end. You maintain the same consumer protections you have with your utility.

If I switch to Platinum Plus, can I decide later to return to the utility?
Yes. If for any reason you decide that you prefer having your gas supplied by the utility, you can switch back.

What will happen if Platinum Plus goes out of business?
In this unlikely situation, you may have an opportunity to select another supplier. If you don't have that opportunity, or if you decide not to select another supplier, your utility will provide the gas you use.

What should I do if I smell gas?
If you detect a strong odor of gas in your home or place of business you should leave immediately and call your utility from a safe location.

When I get my gas bill I see my consumption in "therms" or "CCFs" - what do these mean?
Your meter measures natural gas in intervals of one hundred cubic feet (CCF). If you use an average of 100 CCF per month (typical for a residential heating customer), that's enough natural gas to fill a ball with a diameter of nearly 27 feet. Some utilities use CCFs to calculate your bill, but most use therms. A therm equals 100,000 BTUs. A BTU is the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of a pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit.

Platinum Plus Energy Resources

With the deregulation of natural gas, consumers can now enjoy significant savings by shopping for the most competitive price.

Platinum Plus Energy Resources, a division of Platinum Energy Group, is an independent provider of natural gas for industrial, commercial, and residential customers, offering reliable gas supply at a substantially reduced cost.

Platinum Plus Energy Resources can purchase natural gas supplies for its customers and transport these supplies to a customer's utility company for delivery through your existing Con Edison, KeySpan Long Island, KeySpan New York City or National Grid supply lines.

As an integrated energy solutions provider, dedicated to promoting energy efficiency and reducing energy costs, Platinum Plus offers customers of Platinum Energy Group added value, potentially saving you up to 10% off your current utility company's gas supply cost.

While most utility companies will offer one pricing arrangement for their customers, Platinum Plus can provide a range of pricing options including balanced budget pricing and fixed monthly costs. In addition, securing a long-term supply from Platinum Plus when gas prices are lower can result in significant savings over the term of your contract.

Should you choose to purchase your natural gas through Platinum Plus virtually nothing about your service will change; there is no interruption of service or any additional fees for switching. In fact, by choosing to purchase your natural gas through Platinum Plus, the only thing that changes is the total on your bill.

With Platinum Plus Energy Resources, it's easy being Green.