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Platinum Energy Group

Lighting Challenges Solved - Platinum Energy Group

As an integrated energy solutions provider, Platinum Energy Group's commitment to reducing energy consumption extends to all aspects of building technologies. Among the simplest and most significant ways to reduce energy costs is to upgrade your lighting system.
Specializing in the design and installation of energy efficient lighting technologies, Platinum Energy Group's Lighting and Energy Conservation Division offers clients the opportunity to enjoy significant savings on the cost to light homes and businesses.

Lead by Al Timmes, a recognized authority in the field with over thirty years' experience, Platinum Energy Group's team of surveyors, electricians and engineers can deliver lighting and energy saving solutions that provide substantial energy reduction and superior performance. Platinum Energy Group's lighting technologies consume less, cost less, last longer and shine brighter.

Platinum Energy Group employs the latest in state-of-the-art computerized software to evaluate your current system's performance and identify your needs. These energy audits include a complete evaluation of your site, the project's costs (including all government and utility incentives to fund the project) and your estimated return on investment. Our clients include multifamily residential buildings, manufacturing facilities, commercial office buildings, industrial plants, distribution warehouses, hospitals, not-for-profit organizations and government buildings.

As Platinum Energy Group's Lighting and Energy Conservation Division, we're not just selling you lights; we're selling you money. By taking full advantage of efficient lighting and the various rebates and incentive programs associated with it, Platinum Energy Group's customers enjoy the highest return on investment with the fastest payback period in the industry.

With Platinum Energy Group's Lighting and Energy Conservation Division, it's easy being green.