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Sub-Metering Multifamily Buildings
More Control, Lower Costs and Greater Comfort

If you own or operate a master-metered multifamily property, then sub-metering will prove a smart business and financial investment. Sub-metering enables property owners and managers to convert master-metered buildings into individual sub-metered units, which gives residents more control and visibility over their own energy use. To what end? Simple. Lowering energy costs and improving resident satisfaction — both of which represent the high priorities for Platinum Energy Group and the work we do.

Some of the advantages that PEG’s multifamily building sub-metering conversion services include:

  • Reducing annual energy use and increasing profitability
  • Improving resident satisfaction and control of individual energy use
  • Boosting efficiency, safety and comfort in the building
  • Increasing long-term property value
  • Allowing for participation in demand response or cogeneration