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Lighting Surveys

The more information you have at your disposal the better decision you can make. Conducting a thorough lighting survey of your property that educates you on your opportunities for energy reduction is a crucial first step toward delivering the most effective solution.

Platinum Energy Group‘s team of lighting and energy conservation specialists will conduct a comprehensive energy audit of your property, identifying and evaluating your existing fixtures with respect to wattage consumption and overall lighting quality. Once completed, this survey will detail by line item what fixtures currently exist on your property, the overall average consumption for the property based on the hours of operation and what new configuration of fixtures are appropriate to meet your goals for energy reduction while maintaining your desired level and quality of light.

While most customers are aware there are ways to save energy through efficient lighting systems, many hesitate to pursue these useful initiatives because of cost. As part of your lighting survey, Platinum Energy Group will determine which agencies offer the most beneficial incentives or rebates to reduce your out of pocket expense. Through these incentives, Platinum Energy Group can develop a scenario where your utility savings finance the total cost of the project.

Contact our Lighting and Energy Conservation Division for more information on our lighting surveys.

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