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Lighting & Upgrade Questions

Is occupancy censoring technology dependable?

Occupancy censoring technology is one hundred (100%) reliable. Today we can choose among motion, infrared and dual technologies. Problem clients encounter are typically either due to installation or the technology is the wrong application for a given environment.

Are there any tax advantages if I go ahead?

Both the federal and state governments offer substantial tax incentives for energy conservation upgrades. These incentives can range from .40 cents per square foot to as much as $1.80 per each square foot.

Is your company licensed and insured?

Platinum Energy Group is a licensed electrical contractor holding licenses in several states, and is insured and bonded for specific projects where a bond is required.

Will you install demonstration equipment for evaluation?

Platinum Energy Group strongly suggests that mock-up equipment similar to what’s found in our proposals be installed for a pre-determined period of time for the client to evaluate.

How will the installation be managed?

All Platinum Energy Group projects are managed daily by an on-site foreman; a project manager responsible for overseeing the project’s progress through its completion, as well as a division head who will make unannounced site visits to ensure quality.

Are the tradesmen installing the equipment employees of PEG?

Platinum Energy Group’s staff and on-site installers are all employees, regardless of trade.

If a bond is necessary, can PEG provide one?

Platinum Energy Group is a fully licensed, insured and bonded company. Bonds are prepared based on the specifications of the project.

Can the installation be undertaken in my off hours?

All installations are undertaken at a time most convenient for the client

How long will the project take?

Platinum Energy Group can determine the duration of an installation that meets the customer’s requirements following an on-site evaluation.

How do I know the savings is true?

All recommended upgrades are reviewed by Platinum Energy Group’s engineers for accuracy. These upgrades are generally reviewed by the utility company or the state and/or federal agency involved.

How do I know the lighting will be better?

Platinum Energy Group encourages its clients to visit completed lighting installation projects. Platinum Energy Group can install a mock-up of the recommended product for client evaluation.

Can I get rebates or incentives to help with the project cost?

Platinum Energy Group will file for and acquire all applicable incentives, grants and rebates available through the utility companies as well as local, state and federal government agencies.

How do I purchase replacement lamps?

Generally, T-5, T-8 and CFL’S are available at all the large box stores. If a client desires, Platinum Energy Group can also supply any needed equipment relative to PEG installation, including lamps and ballasts.

If I install Sub-metering, how do I know I will save money?

Generally, in states where Sub-metering is underway, a percentage of savings has been calculated by the agency overseeing such installations. NY State Energy Research & Development Authority, (NYSERDA) for example states a minimum of eight (8%) percent and acknowledges a general savings achieved by most buildings having installed Sub-metering to be twenty (20%) to twenty-five (25%) percent.

If I install a management system, how do I access the system from off site?

Access to the facility’s management system is provided via the Internet with off-site computer and pre-arranged access code use.

Is there any financing help?

Platinum Energy Group can arrange for a variety of financing solutions, ranging from general financing, government low Interest loans, utility loans, shared savings (when appropriate) and leases with guaranteed buy-outs for $1.00 at completion of the term.

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