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Commercial HVAC Emergency Service
For Your Business, Industrial and Institutional Needs


If you own and/or manage a commercial, industrial or institutional building, you’ll know that HVAC systems are the life force behind every daily process and operation. The value of your HVAC system can never be underestimated.

If you’re in need of a new system, or wish to save money and improve efficiency, or if you’re just looking for a team you can trust to provide routine maintenance and repairs — Platinum Energy Group is your source for HVAC excellence.

We provide professional and efficient commercial HVAC systems, designed to last longer, ensure flexibility, save money and reduce energy consumption. It’s not only our goal, but our highest priority to help you gain control over your energy maintenance and operational costs. This is what we do at PEG every day — provide the highest quality service in installation, maintenance and repair for the lowest possible price.

We boast a diverse array of services, including system replacements and upgrades, rental chillers, temporary cooling, turnkey solutions, complete start-up services, and so much more.