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Climate control is paramount to comfort, not just in the summer, but all year ‘round. In healthcare, educational and other institutional environments, in particular, precision, zone-specific climate and humidity control can be absolutely mission critical. This is why high-profile hospitals, businesses, universities and more in the tristate area are increasingly turning to PEG to provide their high-tech HVAC needs.

No matter the performance standards, the rigging challenges, whether rooftop or basement locations, or the physical space and configuration limitations, PEG has the knowledge, resources and versatile equipment to implement space- and load-optimized solutions that ideally suit our customers’ demands. PEG manages all schematics, ductwork and tin-knocking directly, so we can maintain tight control over all facets of fabrication and installation. Full-time project management onsite ensures end-to-end accountability and transparency as well as seamless orchestration of all HVAC-related trades — all or most of which are provided in-house by PEG.