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Following are the answers to some of the FAQs.  For any further queries, contact us on given details.

What is the mechanism of an air conditioner?

It feels like an air conditioner cools your facility’s air but actually an air conditioner works by removing heat from the air inside and conducting that heat to the air outside. Heat is removed from your space by passing air inside through a refrigerant coil. Refrigerant coils then take the heat to the outdoor unit, where it is exhausted into the air outdoors. This cooling cycle goes on until the temperature inside reaches the thermostat setting.

What does it signify when my A/C freezes up?

Ice present on the condenser coil on the inner unit of your air conditioner, or ice on the refrigerant coils of unit outside can be caused by many different reasons. The most common cause is when airflow is not proper because of dirty air filter or clogged air ducts. In a few cases, a cooling gas leak can cause a condition where ice starts accumulating on the indoor coils. This can damage your system. So whenever you see any such problem, report it as soon as possible.

How to decide what thermostat should be set at night during the cooling season?

It depends upon your comfort, temperature and level of humidity in air. Your experience will help you decide which temperature you find comfortable.

How to decide what thermostat should be set at night during the cooling season?

We have an expert approach to the air conditioner installation process.  Our company offers customized services according to need of the client. We listen to your needs and then we survey your place to find out what it requires. Installing too big or too small air conditioning systems can be very problematic for the client.  Air conditioners that are too big for your need shut off very frequently and throw a few bursts of air. It is called short cycling in scientific language. This short cycling causes consumption of a big amount of energy and you have to pay big bills while you don’t even enjoy the proper air conditioning.  Same is the case with the smaller sizes, they too don’t function as they should.

What is a heat pump?

Most of the people misunderstand heat pumps or don’t know about them at all. Because of this, people don’t understand that there can be more efficient heating and cooling options than what they presently have installed, even better than furnace and air conditioners.

A heat pump is an effective way of cooling your home during summer and heating it during winter. Though heat pumps are not broadly known, they are being used around for many years now. The heat pump looks just like an air conditioner, but they function totally differently. It basically has two purpose while both serving on same basic principle. In hot summer days, the heat pump works like a basic air conditioner. It hauls out heat from interior of the facility and conducts it to the outside environment. In cold winters, however, the process becomes opposite to it, bringing heat from the air outside and conducting it inside the facility.

Even when the outdoor air is excessively cold, there is always some heat. The heat pump hauls this heat from the freezing air outside and shifts it inside to heat the indoors. When enough heat is not present in the air outdoor to fulfill the need of the thermostat setting, an electric heater starts warming air outside to heat the area.

Most of the people don’t understand how heat pump functions properly in winter. However, during the summer season it becomes extremely efficient and causes lots of savings. Opposite to a furnace that changes fossil fuel or electricity into heat, the heat pump brings heat that is already there in the outdoor environment by using of its refrigeration cycle. Because of this process, heat pump produces two to three times more heat as compared to the energy it uses.

Other than that, a heat pump can be an efficient extra option to use along with a gas or oil furnace you already have. The two equipment share the heating but don’t work at the same time because of dual fuel system. Each system works when it costs least. The heat pump is actually a basic heating and cooling system. However, when the temperature drops below the limits of heat pump to work as nicely as the fossil fuel furnace does, the gas furnace starts working till the temperature gets high enough for the heat pump work properly.

What keeps my air conditioner running?

An air conditioner works in an effective and efficient way only at the temperature at which it was designed to work when installed. If there are the days when temperature rises above the capacity of the system, it will try to maintain the temperature and will keep running. This does not always mean that the system is small for need. It may mean that particular hot day that was recorded might be outside the range of temperature of your locality. A proper load calculation from an air conditioning company can decide if the air conditioner is properly sized for your needs or not.

If you’ve never faced any cooling problems at your place before it, it could also show that there is a service problem that should be solved as soon as possible. First of all, check your air filters, if the filters are clogged then it means they are not allowing the air to pass through them making air condition work harder. If the air filter is clean, then you should surely contact your service provider to find out the issues which your system is facing.

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