Precision Management Group Awarded Management of 480 Riverdale

Precision Management Group Awarded Management of 480 Riverdale

Precision Management Group, a New York-based property management firm specializing in residential and commercial real estate, today announced it has been selected to provide full-service management for 480 Riverdale, a135-unit middle-class community property in Yonkers, NY.

Precision Management Group has been chosen thanks in large part to its proactive approach to energy efficiency. Lead by Vincent Occhipinti, a recognized authority in the field of energy conservation, Precision Management Group’s commitment to reducing energy consumption has resulted in considerable savings for their clients.

“We interviewed a number of management companies we found were administratively strong but operationally weak,” says Pauline Plunket, president of 480 Riverdale’s board of directors. “Precision Management Group is in the trenches with the staff and very hands-on. When Mr. Occhipinti explained all the different things he could do to conserve energy the board was very excited. Not many property managers are knowledgeable about energy efficiency and we recognized it would make a big difference.”

Prior to Precision Management Group’s intervention, 480 Riverdale had been plagued with problems, having gone through three property managers in as many years. As a result, they were having difficulty managing their staff while consuming an excessive amount of energy unnecessarily.

“480 Riverdale ha been burning a tremendous amount of Number 6 fuel oil,” explains Occhipinti. “We started talking to the board about their oil consumption. By the end of the year, we intend to have new systems in place that are going to save them a substantial amount of money.”

In collaboration with Platinum Energy Group, an energy solutions provider specializing in Green building technologies, Precision Management Group plans to convert 480 Riverdale’s antiquated boiler to run on a combination of natural gas and Number 2 fuel oil, saving the building an estimated 20-25% in energy costs.

Precision Management Group also intends to install a comprehensive energy management system. Energy management systems allow property managers to monitor all unnecessary energy loss and make necessary adjustments to ensure energy is used most efficiently. The system can also analyze usage to reveal poor heat distribution throughout the building as well as any boiler deficiencies on a day-to-day basis.

Occhipinti doesn’t just anticipate 20-25% savings in energy consumption, he guarantees it. Precision Management Group recently announced substantial energy savings at its Laurelton Garden cooperative development following a successful conversion to natural gas.

“Vince is great at what he does,” says Rich Aquino of Sterling Properties, who recommended Precision Management Group to 480 Riverdale’s board of directors. “He has the experience and knowledge to turn this building around. He knows how to develop trust with his board of directors. When you combine that with his tenacity and passion for energy conservation, recommending Precision Management Group was an easy decision.”

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