Platinum Energy Group Saves the Day at Our Lady of Loretto Church

Platinum Energy Group Saves the Day at Our Lady of Loretto Church

Faced with an unexpected boiler malfunction, Our Lady of Loretto Church and Parish was placed in the unfortunate position of requiring an emergency boiler replacement just as the winter heating season was set to begin.

“There was no heat in the building at all,” recalls Thomas DeFrancisci, capital projects consultant for the Rockville Centre Diocese. “Whether it was due to cracked sections or failed seals, the boiler was in bad enough condition that it warranted replacing rather than repair.”

Making matters worse, the Rockville Diocese church is also home to the Hagedorn Family Resource Center, an early childhood learning center for preschoolers.

Originally DeFrancisci requested a proposal to remove the existing boiler and replace it with a new boiler and provide temporary heat.

“You’ll find many times customers are sold things they don’t actually a need,” says Jason Schwartz, chief operating officer of Platinum Energy Group. “Anyone who walked into that boiler room would have scrapped the boiler and the burner. We found a way to do the job for less money while still delivering what they needed.”

Platinum Energy Group’s team of boiler experts was able to bypass the need for temporary heat by sealing the existing boiler’s leaks to prevent interruption of service while the new boiler was installed.

“That decision probably saved us $10,000,” said DeFrancisci. “With great effort and against all odds they managed to get the old boiler running for the week necessary to get our new boiler up and online. More importantly, we had heat throughout the project. The children were never cold and were never aware there had even been a problem. It was seamless.”

Platinum Energy Group’s team stripped the room and built a new housekeeping pad. Within a week and a half they had the church’s new boiler online.

“We placed the initial call on Thursday,” says DeFrancisci. “By that Saturday the new boiler was firing. They made magic happen literally overnight.

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