Platinum Energy Group Announces Participation in LIPA’s Commercial Efficiency Program

Platinum Energy Group Announces Participation in LIPA’s Commercial Efficiency Program


Platinum Energy Group today announced its participation in LIPA’s Commercial Efficiency Program, providing lighting retrofit and system upgrades to commercial spaces throughout Long Island.

Most businesses spend more than 20% of their total energy costs on lighting and cooling. In collaboration with LIPA’s Commercial Efficiency Program, Platinum Energy Group can help Long Island businesses substantially reduce their energy costs simply by replacing outdated and inefficient lighting systems with new efficient technologies and energy management systems. The program is open to both for profit and not-for-profit entities including commercial, industrial, institutional or governmental projects/buildings within the service area of LIPA.

“The money spent on energy costs is money almost everyone agrees could be better spent elsewhere,” says Al Timmes, VP of Platinum Energy Group’s Lighting and Energy Conservation Division. “With the technologies now available, not to mention the rebates and or incentives associated with these technologies, LIPA’s program offers an exciting opportunity for Long Island businesses to stay ahead of the curve. We’re proud to assist this program in any way we can.”

As a LIPA approved energy auditor and implementing contractor, Platinum Energy Group can deliver significant energy savings by installing new, high-efficiency lighting. Financial incentives are available to clients who specify and install qualified energy-efficient equipment. High-efficiency fluorescent lighting, LED, Induction, CFL and metal halide fixtures for general office lighting, warehousing, manufacturing and interior parking garages all qualify for LIPA Commercial Efficiency Program rebates, reducing energy costs while providing a significant return-on-investment. Platinum Energy Group collaborates with businesses throughout the energy auditing process to ensure their installed equipment qualifies for these rebates and incentives.

“This program shows how serious LIPA is about getting energy costs under control,” says Chuck Baglivio,marketing manager forPlatinum Energy Group. “Long Island businesses are often hesitant to pursue these types of energy saving measures because of the initial investment, but with these substantial rebates from LIPA the decision is that much easier.”

To apply for LIPA’s Commercial Efficiency Program, visit

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Platinum Energy Group is a leading integrated energy solutions provider, specializing in the full spectrum of contracting and consulting services to reduce energy consumption. With a firm commitment to Green building technologies, Platinum Energy Group is dedicated to promoting energy efficiency to maximize their clients’ return-on-investment.

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