PEG Boiler Room Prep In RSES Journal

PEG Boiler Room Prep In RSES Journal

Summer may have only just begun, but Platinum Energy Group is already gearing up to begin prepping boilers for the approaching heating season.

Speaking to US Energy COO David Unger in the latest issue of RSES Journal, Platinum Energy Group CEO Stuart Schwartz offers a number of helpful suggestions to ensure building heating systems operate effectively and efficiently throughout heating season. Through a combination of proper routine maintenance, technology, accountability and a commitment to safety, Schwartz assures your boiler systems should be in tip-top condition.

“It isn’t enough to see if everything seems to be working,” says Schwartz. “The superintendent needs to take about 15 minutes to study the system each day.”

The key to this process is technology. Building energy management systems monitor specific parameters and provide daily alerts to help identify any potential issues that can lead to safety concerns, inefficient fuel usage and boiler deterioration.

Schwartz also advises building technicians to develop a protocol manual for the purposes of maintaining checklists for proper routine maintenance.

“By maintaining an accurate series of checklists, it is impossible to procrastinate on repairs and the building runs more proactively overall,” says Schwartz.

Perhaps most importantly, safety needs to be top priority.

Says Schwartz: “A clean, well-lit and well-maintained boiler room is an essential part of running a safe building.”

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