Oil To Natural Gas Conversions

Oil To Natural Gas Conversions

With the heating season fast approaching, choosing to convert from oil to natural gas. A typical home that converts to natural gas heating will emit up to 40% less carbon dioxide and upto 99.9% less sulfur dioxide. More importantly, switching from oil to natural gas will significantly reduce your building’s energy bills.

Today’s gas prices are less than two-thirds of No. 6 oil, the fuel of choice for the majority of New York City’s large multi-family apartment buildings. In fact, according to a recent report issued by Manhattan Borough president, No. 6 fuel oil is the subject of a recently adopted New York City code that will ban its use by 2015 because of its emissions.

Platinum Energy Group is an active participant in NYSERDA’s Multifamily Carbon Emissions Reduction Program (MCERP), which grants substantial incentives to buildings that convert from No. 6 oil to less carbon‐intense fuels or renewable energy sources. Incentives can total up to 80 percent of project costs.

Natural gas is economical, convenient, and cleaner than heating oil, producing less harmful carbon emissions. Natural gas currently costs less than heating oil, and natural gas customers avoid maintenance and equipment costs typically associated with oil heat. Natural gas is piped safely and directly into your home or building through Con Edison’s well-maintained gas delivery system.

Call 631-796-9287, or email Eric.Michaels@1energygroup.com to learn more about whether a conversion rebate is currently being offered. Rebates may also be available for upgrades to high-efficiency equipment. To learn more visit www.1energygroup.com

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