New Boces Project Underway

New Boces Project Underway

Platinum Energy Group has begun work on a significant capital improvement project for Western Suffolk Boces’ James E. Allen Elementary School.

In addition to replacing their outdated, inefficient boilers, the school will be converting its elementary school and maintenance facility to natural gas at a price per therm considerably lower and more consistent than current rates for fuel oil.

“We’ve just started putting in the temporary water heaters and we’ve already begun to run the gas work through the maintenance building,” says John Rambold, Platinum Energy Group’s chief estimator, and project manager. “This will benefit the school greatly. Once completed, this project will save them money on fuel and the new boilers will be more efficient.”

Rambold anticipates the project will be completed by late September.

The James E. Allen Elementary School provides highly individualized special education programs for students ages 5 through 12 displaying a wide variation of disabilities. The program offers instruction in the basic skills of reading, writing, communication and math. For those students with multiple disabilities, instructional emphasis is on the activities of daily living, mobility, and basic communication.

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